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IP Visual Emergency Phone System

- Compatible with a wide range of VoIP system, i.e. Cisco, Huawei…
- IP communication via SIP
- Perfect audio quality
- 2-wire transmission in lift system can be used (no trouble with putting in new wiring)
- Long distance transmission supports large-scale community networking
- Conference call function





System Introduction



IP visual emergency phone system is an upgrading solution for modernization, which transfers analog signal into digital signal (A/D) based on VoIP technology, realizing high quality and long distance transmission of speech and data. What's more, the two-wire transmission in the lift system makes it readily installable, which means there won't be any trouble with putting in new wiring.

The old analog intercom sound quality is not good, the new project fund is not enough to use the full digital intercom system, IP Visual Emergency Phone System is your best choice.

The solution allows you to connect any IP device in places without an IP infrastructure.



System Function


  • Video call: Car visual call

  • Multi-party call: management host and single-party four way intercom
    Video linkage:it supports the machine synchronously displays the linkage between the extension camera and the screen head of the linked IPC,in the call state.

  • Building broadcast: support the whole area broadcast, partition broadcast, timed broadcast and fire broadcast

  • Hosting: support hosting to the other hosts in the system

  • Hierarchical management: multi-bureau elevator is divided into different levels for the management)

  • Online monitoring: real-time monitoring of key communication equipment status, real-time detection of elevator alarm status)

  • Audio and video Monitoring: support single-channel monitoring and loop monitoring of the extensions

  • Audio and video recording: support the local storage function of audio and video recording, which can record the audio and video of the call process

  • Video playback: the machine queries and plays the recorded files

  • Call uploading: support that when the extension call is timeout and has no response, upload  it to the advanced host and can set the time period of the call uploading

  • Call transfer: support to transfer the current call to the other devices in the system

  • Call retention: support to retain the current call and answer calls from the other devices

  • Busy transfer: support to automatically transfer the call to the other hosts when the extension calls the host with busy lines

  • Active noise reduction: adaptive noise reduction

  • Emergency power supply: all the products have the emergency power supply functions except the management host




Reliable And Dependable



IP Visual Emergency Phone System is manufactured by our ISO certified factory, which organically integrates the reliability, high quality and leading design of the Keyuanlong brand.
We are quite proud of its excellent performance and stable operation.







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