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Lift Intelligent Connected Panel

- Integrated design, greatly reduce wiring costs, convenient installation
- Modular design, pluggable, flexible selection
- Multiple extensible interfaces, meet subsequent upgrade requirements
- Compatible with a variety of ladder, third party communication device, easy to upgrade
- Remote maintenance, easy to complete the system upgrade
- Graphical presentation of elevator operation information, voice broadcast of floor location
- One-click alarm, voice comfort, precise positioning
- Real-time rendering of rescue paths, two-way linkage of video and audio
- Synchronization update of news and daily travel information with network


The unique human-computer-interaction terminal in the lift
maximizes information delivery.

Highly Customizable | Modular | Future Proof | One Solution



   √ Highly Customlzation - Appearance,screen content,screen size,functions,etc

   √ High Integration - Integrated and comprehensive system including display,2-way visual emergency phone,camera,access control,voice announcement,lift monitoring,and optional touch panel,etc.

   √ Excellent Rellability - Distributed access,analysis and acquisiton processing independently,effectively improve performance and scalability,and the device regularly self-test to ensure stability.

   √ Flexible Connectivity - A wide range of interfaces are provided,eg.optical fiber,twisted pair,WIFI,GSM/LTE,etc.

   √ Remote Conflguration - Remote access to device enables configuration,service,maintenance,and upgrading of software without the need for an on-site visit

   √ Forword Compatibility - Highly scalable structure provides a wide range of interfaces for seamlessly access of future function

   √ Perfect Securlty - Can be accessed only via intranet(Optional) , Floors can be protected by face recognition (under roadmap) ,Expandable modules:RFID tag readers,biometric sensors,IC card reader,etc.

   √ Future Service - A variety of future applications and service can be provided to elevator companies,maintenance personnel and property managers.

   √ Low Investment - Highly integrated design ensures to save on wiring and equipment investment,media advertising can bring continuous reverue.



   √ Customizable Design
Appearance, screen content and functions are highly customizable according to customer's requirement. It supports surface mount and flush mount.Various display sizes are available (10.4 or 15.6 inches and larger)

   √ Lift Activities Display
Display lift activities: floor number and running direction Display emergency warnings for fire, overload, door obstruction etc.

   √ Multimedia Release Management
Digitization of community management, remotely release community notifications and advertising

   √ Integration of Lift Access Control System
Connect  with lift access control system to realize remote authority management

   √ Two-way Visual Emergency Phone
2-way audio and video communication between the lift car and the control center

   √ Face Recognition
Boarding without pressing, automatic authorization (under roadmap)

   √ Voice Comfort
Automatic rescue broadcast to comfort trapped passengers

   √ Stations Voice Announcement
Control center can manage lift station announcement function remotely

   √ Remote Connectivity
Via PSTN/Ethernet/Cellular modem

   √ Meets the latest North American and European regulations and lift standards (EN 81-28: 2018, EN 81-70, EN 81-1, ASME 17.1, ADA and more)

Reliable And Dependable



Lift Intelligent Connected Panel is manufactured by our ISO certified factory, which organically integrates the reliability, high quality and leading design of the Keyuanlong brand.
We are quite proud of its excellent performance and stable operation.







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