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Elevator remote monitoring and alarm integrated platform

- No electrical connection to the existing elevator
- The original wiring of the elevator can be used
- Comprehensive cost, reduce the cost by 30% to 50%









Improve Elevator Safety Coefficient by Data Center

bg.gif√ Before the accident, make the elevator operation data analysis and statistics, use cloud computing to achieve early warning of the failure of the elevator, so as to prevent accidents

√ In the accident, intercom and monitor to confirm the alarm, send messages to inform the maintenance personnel, so as to solve the accident more timely

√ In the accident, intercom and monitor to confirm the alarm, send messages to inform the maintenance personnel, so as to solve the accident more timely

√ Advanced false alarm prevention algorithm and redundant computing technology are adopted to effectively convey accident information and reduce false alarm rate

√ The comparative analysis of maintenance effect can provide data basis for KPI performance assessment of maintenance personnel and improve the quality of elevator maintenance



Mobile management APP of Phone maintenance




√ Provide for the maintenance personnel, improve the maintenance efficiency and quality 

    ◆Number of alarm phones (number of trapped people)

    ◆Number of defective elevators (indicating the number of defective alarms)

    ◆Number of elevators to be maintained (the number of elevators that are not maintained regularly)

√ Built-in GPS positioning device, accuracy within 10m, convenient to manage the location of the maintenance personnel

√ Built-in one-dimensional barcode scanning head, two-dimensional barcode scanning head, RFID card reader, bluetooth, wifi, camera, convenient to manage the working content of the maintenance personnel

√ Built-in GSM module, convenient for the center to dispatch maintenance personnel by messages or telephone

√ Provide alarm information

    ◆When the elevator breaks down, and people are trapped, the elevator passenger can press the alarm button, and the alarm information will be transmitted to the cloud server through GSM, and the information will be sent to the mobile phone of the person in charge of the elevator maintenance, providing the navigation charts to the faulty elevator, providing a photo in the cage (click again to update the photo in real time)

√ Information list of the breakdown elevator

    ◆The use of smart phone terminals can efficiently mobilize maintenance personnel, improve elevator safety coefficient and reduce labor costs

    ◆Convenient for the report and remind of the daily work of maintenance personnel

    ◆Convenient for the communication between maintenance personnel

    ◆The elevator fault can be quickly identified and solved through the historical query record of the elevator fault

    ◆Send the video of the faulty elevator to the maintenance personnel, and at the same time, call and comfort the people in the elevator

    ◆Keep an eye on the operation of the elevator

    ◆Position the fault elevator through GPS, so as to accelerate the feedback maintenance




Reliable And Dependable



Elevator remote monitoring and alarm integrated platform is manufactured by our ISO certified factory, which organically integrates the reliability, high quality and leading design of the Keyuanlong brand.
We are quite proud of its excellent performance and stable operation.







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