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Elevator remote monitoring and alarm integrated platform

- No electrical connection to the existing elevator
- The original wiring of the elevator can be used
- Comprehensive cost, reduce the cost by 30% to 50%




It is an intelligent elevator remote monitoring solution that can provide a two-way communication link from the elevator to the outside world.


When taking the elevator, the small space and the automatic control of the elevator make you inexplicably nervous. Elevator remote monitoring system-just like a superman, sleeplessly, always monitoring the operation of the elevator, once an abnormality is found, an immediate warning is issued, so that the maintenance personnel can eliminate hidden dangers before the failure occurs, such as replacing damaged parts and tightening loose Screws. This can not only reduce the danger of trapping people, extend the use time of valuable parts, but also extend the service life of the elevator. Save a lot of money for the owner.

Client software screen




-Monitoring content can be customized according to user needs, convenient and flexible

-Monitor elevator position

-Record the use of equipment over a period of time, analyze and find trends, identify hidden faults and abnormal operations, adjust maintenance plans in a timely manner, and maximize uptime

-Record elevator data in graphical format,

-Fault information recording and query

-Fault display

-Elevator performance analysis

-Automatically collect complete historical information about the device

Detectable fault for elevator

Elevator Entrapment

Upper Detection

Bottom Detection

Elevator run with the door open

Elevator slider

Door machine failure

Door opening failure

Door closing fault

Elevator too fast

Safety circuit alarm

Electricity failure

Fire state


Detectable fault for Escalator

Steps speeding

Handrail speeding

Steps and handrails are out of sync

Upper pedal position is wrong

Wrong pedal position

Safety loop monitoring

Running direction monitoring




Reliable And Dependable



Elevator remote monitoring and alarm integrated platform is manufactured by our ISO certified factory, which organically integrates the reliability, high quality and leading design of the Keyuanlong brand.
We are quite proud of its excellent performance and stable operation.







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